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F-1 Student Visa

Allows the Applicant and live and study in the United States if attending a SEVP-approved school. F-1 students need to maintain the minimum course load for full-time student status. This status permits part-time, on-campus employment (fewer than 20 hours per week). Additionally, students can work on optional practical training (OPT) for up to one year after completion of their academic program.


The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 created certain provisions which protect people who were subject to abuse. Spouses of US Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents may be eligible for immigration benefits if he/she suffered abuse during the marriage. Victims of a crime may be eligible for immigration benefits through a U-visa.

Family Based Immigration

Family immigration is the primary basis for legal immigration to the United States. US citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents may petition for their family members for an immigrant visa and a “green card.” US citizens are allowed to petition for their parents, spouses, children and  siblings. Lawful permanent residents may petition for their spouses and unmarried children. Processing times vary by preference category.


Lawful permanent residents may be eligible for citizenship if he/she meets the necessary requirements. Among them are passing an English and civics test and having 5 years continuous presence in the United States.


If a person enters the United States unlawfully, has committed certain crimes and other reason, he/she may be inadmissible to the United States and not be able to obtain a green card unless a waiver is filed.


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