Moraes Pellicer Law


Employment Opportunities


Client Relationship Specialist (Coral Springs, FL) -


Marketing Duties:

Engage in marketing and outreach efforts to help promote the services we provide including but not limited to 1) joining a weekly local networking group such as bni, 2) meet with potential referral sources to learn about their services (approximately 2 meetings per week) and 3) help the firm owner book speaking engagements to explain immigration law, immigrant rights, and our firm's services.


Intake duties:

Manage the continued marketing involved with a potential client by taking them thru the pre-engagement glide path. schedule and conduct pre-screening interview followed by initial and follow up consultation meetings with potential clients pursuant to office procedure to help bring new qualified cases into the firm. help potential clients understand the different services our firm offers so they can make informed and intelligent decisions whether to hire the firm. explain fee structure and financial obligations to potential clients. manage post consultation duties including but not limited to (tracking metrics, reporting, handing off to the admin, financial and legal team).work with the client intake specialist to consistently improve client intake process. does not provide legal advice throughout intake process.


Post Engagement Duties:

Serve as client liaison and perform happiness/quality checking with the client weeks into the relationship and at the end of the relationship.


Requires: Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Marketing or related degree and 2 years experience in sales and marketing. CV/Resume to Law Office of Jamile Moraes Pellicer, P.A. Jamile Moraes Pellicer, W. Sample Rd, Suite #105C, Coral Springs, FL 33065